Supported Caller ID Hardware

Mountain Systems products support a variety of Caller ID hardware available today. The types of supported hardware includes MODEMs, serial devices, TAPI devices, and multi-port interface PC hardware.

See the table below for the hardware supported by each individual product.

CallAudit Server CallAudit Voice CallAudit Client
Allied Electronics OMNI COMM 400 System

BBS Telecom IPS308 Phone System

BBS Telecom IPS416 Phone System

BEK-TEL PC\4 4-Line Caller ID Unit

Dees Communications CCI-372 Interface Unit

OMNI-COMM 400 Four Line Caller ID System

OMNI-COMM 400 Single Line Device

Pika IdFi Caller ID Card

Pika Inline 4 Voice Card

Rochelle MLA/CIMS232 12-Line Caller ID System

Rochelle Model 20040 MLA 6-Line Caller ID Unit

Rochelle Model 2802 2-Line Caller ID Display

TAPI Compliant Hardware Standard Interface

TCI MLX-41 Caller ID Unit

TCI MLX-82 Caller ID Unit

Vive Call Editor II

YES Identifier MLM-2X 2 Line Unit

YES Identifier MLM-4X 4 Line Unit

YES Identifier MLM-8X 8 Line Unit

Zeus Whozz Calling Lite Caller ID System - TCI Format

Zeus Whozz Calling? Four Line Caller ID System

Zeus Whozz Calling? Four Line System w/Memory


TAPI Compliant Voice Mail MODEM

Specialty Voice Card with TAPI Compliance

Any MODEM with Caller ID support.   If the modem passes the Caller ID Test, it will work with CallAudit Client.

PBX Systems with TAPI interface including Samsung, Toshibi and Panasonic.

Network Conneciton using CallAudit Server

Rochelle ANI-232 Caller ID Plug

Vive RSA-A Caller ID Plug

Vive RSA-I Caller ID Plug

Zeus Whozz Calling? Single Line Device


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