Download a Trial Version of CallAudit 4.0

A trial version of CallAudit 4.0 is now available and will run for a 45 day period from the date of install. This trial version offers FULL functionality for the trial period.  This allows users to determine system compatibility with their Operating System and Voice Hardware before purchasing.  Please read the requirements before downloading, as your system may not meet the minimum requirements.

NOTE:   This 45 Demo constitutes your warranty period.  Purchasing the software does not entitle you to an additional warranty period.  This is a fully functional demo.  There is no difference between it and the full version other than the 45 day time limitation.  Any technical issues with your installation should be resolved with the Demo prior to purchase.

Windows NT users should review the requirements before downloading as Voice support may not be available on their systems.

Diamond and Supra MODEM users should read this information before proceeding.   Note that some US Robotics modems do not handle Silence Detection correctly and have a low volume issues, but will still do most of the basic functions such as Caller-ID, FAX, and Voice Mail.  Many Motorola Voice MODEM's do not support the advanced features of UnimodemV under TAPI and have proven unsuitable for CallAudit Voice, but can be used with CallAudit Client.  Compaq Presario  Modem's currently do not have a functional MODEM WAV driver available, and may not function with CallAudit Voice.

To download a 45 day trial version of CallAudit 4.0, select one of the following links:

Please send all your Version 4.0  comments and bug reports to the following address:


Selecting  the CallAudit 4.0 Setup Utility below   will download a small program to your computer that will lead you through the download and setup process for the CallAudit 4.0 product line.  This utility can be used to download and setup the following 4.0 software products:

CallAudit 4.0 Setup Utility  

This utility includes error recovery to handle cases when you Internet connection breaks during the download process.  If you re-establish your connection and restart the utility, it will keep the files previously downloaded and only re-download files that failed. 

If you have problems connecting to the first server, try this alternative server:

CallAudit 4.0 Setup Utility (alt location)

Note:  If you select the Run option from the prompt that follows after clicking one of the above links , it will download the utility and automatically begin execution.  Otherwise you will have to launch, (double click),  the setup utility after you download.

Netscape Navigator Users: Save the MsiSetup.exe file and then run it.

If you encounter any problems in downloading using this setup utility, you can download the individual files for each product at the following URL locations.  These files should be copied to the folder you chose for the Setup Utility to store the temporary files.  If you are not encountering problems with the setup utility, these files are not needed.  These are generally for sites with special requirements, such as being behind a firewall.

Individual components for the MSI Setup Utility:

new.gif (3029 bytes)Free Text-To-Speech and Voice Recognition Engines!

Click here to download.



Individual installation files are available  for each product at these addresses:

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