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CallAudit Voice 6.0





CallAudit Voice Pro 6.0 CAVP



CallAudit Client 6.0





CallAudit Server 6.0





CallAudit Lite Software





2-Line hardware unit WHOZ2 $239.00 $195.00  
4-Line hardware unit WHOZ4 $445.00 $350.00  
8-Line hardware unit WHOZ8 $795.00 $600.00  
4-Line Lite hardware unit WHOZ4L $339.95 $260.00  
8-Line Lite hardware unit WHOZ8L $559.95 $420.00  
4-Line Voice Card PIK4 $1,100.00 $900.00  

TERMS: COD or credit card in US funds for initial purchases until a line of credit is established. Pricing is for total items purchased per order, not individual products.  Purchase Orders must have prior authorization.

CONDITIONS: Software is refundable only after a Mountains System technician has verified a system incompatibility within the customer's computer system.

DEMO: Re-sellers wanting a demo of a software product can receive a 30 day working version of CAC, CAS or CAV from via the Internet at www.mtnsys.com or through the mail, ($5.00 media charge). The 30-day trial demo has been created to offer resellers and end users the option to preview the software. It offers the full functionality of the commercial version. After the 30-day period has expired, the program will no longer function. Attempts to reinstall the software during the 30-day trial period may cause the program cease operating regardless of the actual number of days of use. Resellers interested in full working versions will need to purchase one at retail price. This purchase will be credited against the initial purchase of five or more items for resale.

HARDWARE: A list of supported hardware is available at the MSI BBS, the MSI World Wide Web site, and via mail upon request. Mountains Systems normally offers Caller-ID hardware at retail prices only. Special pricing for software/hardware bundles can be arranged. Mountains Systems is willing to port to other Caller-ID hardware given the devices technical specifications and evaluation units for testing.

ADVERTISEMENT: Resellers are granted permission to advertise Mountain System products. Artwork and documents are available upon request.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Software is normally shipped in sealed mailers containing an industry standard CD-ROM. Arrangements to ship via other means can be made.